Social Media Training Videos

#1) YouTube Bundle: $40


Learn how to Start, Grow & Monetize your own Youtube Channel.

 Youtube is passive income that can earn you a solid stream of money in 2019 & help to market/advertise any of your Ecommerce selling platforms like eBay, Amazon or Poshmark. In this video series you will learn how to start a new channel, create quality videos, gain subscribers, write attractive titles, and create quality thumbnails to attract more viewers & customers. Finally you will learn how to FULLY monetize a youtube channel and start collecting a paycheck every month from Youtube.

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#2) Instagram Bundle: $20


Instagram is the #1 growing social media platform in 2018 and leading into 2019. 

Having a presence on Instagram is a MUST for any business in the coming year. In these videos i will teach you how to start a new instagram business account, how to post quality content & grow your followers quickly. Youll learn how to sell merchandise, & services directly from your Instagram account. You will also learn how to send your new instagram followers to your other selling platforms or youtube channel. 

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#3) Facebook Bundle: $20


Facebook, the worlds largest social network platform, is the most powerful tool for growing an audience of followers & customers. Learning how to build a Facebook business page, owning and operating your own Facebook group & selling merchandise directly on Facebook are KEY to growing your business, and making more money in 2019.  These videos will help teach you all of those aspects of Facebook & MUCH more including private groups, memberships, monetization, live videos & much much more!!

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#4) Email Marketing 101: $10


Capturing your customers emails, and potential customers emails is the #1 way to guarantee repeat business for ANY online company. 

The only way you can stay in touch with your current customers & potential new clients is to send regular emails for them to engage with. These 2 videos will teach you how to Signup and start a NEW email marketing program & how to write the perfect emails to send to your customers to make sales, and engage viewers. 

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#5) Social Media Tips & Tricks Bundle: $10


The ultimate Social media guide for beginners & tips/tricks Ebook. 

Some of my best secrets to growing and engaging your social media audience will be found in these 2 short & to the point Ebooks. Get more views, more likes, more followers & fans quickly and efficiently. The second half of these guides will teach you to turn those followers & fans into customers. 

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#6) Complete 27 Video Bundle: $29


My Entire 27 videos collection of social media Tips, Tricks, & "How To's" are included in this Bundle. 

I will cover, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, & Email marketing from top to bottom. You will be able to make your investment in these videos back in 1 DAY off your new social media audience and new customers. Invest in yourself and your business for 2019 by learning how to grow & monetize your social media accounts

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