About Me

Who is RockstarFlipper?


Hey everyone! 

I’m Casey Parris, better known as RockstarFlipper. 

I have been an eBay and Amazon seller for over 10 years, 

resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of sales and profits. 

In my recent years, I have developed a passion for coaching and teaching entrepreneurs how to start their own successful businesses. This passion led me to start my YouTube channel, which is now well over 60,000 subscribers, as well as my Facebook group which is at 75,000 members. Each are growing astronomically by the day. 

My VIP Facebook group allows me to offer a more personalized experience to those wanting to build their e-commerce businesses. In this group, I offer direct assistance through services like eBay store reviews and one on one coaching calls. 

Being able to assist thousands of entrepreneurs in achieving their business goals and the personal freedom of self-employment has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  

I’m no guru. I’m just a regular guy, selling things online , and teaching other aspiring entrepreneurs along the way. 

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Instagram: @RockstarFlipper

Twitter: @RockstarFlipper